MBDC Chemist Reflects on Transparency Trend

By: Jacob Melone When it comes to products’ chemical make-up, transparency has never been the norm. Manufacturers have often gone to extreme measures to protect their intellectual property and trade secrets. Despite this competitive atmosphere, MBDC, creators and foremost implementers of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program, have built cooperative relationships with manufacturers and […]

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Greenbuild 2012

San Francisco, CA: Wililam McDonough was the closing plenary speaker at Greenbuild 2012, as well as a speaker in the Master Series: Performance, Outcome, Applause-A conversation with USGBC's Scot Horst. Click here for links to the videos of the pesentations. [...]

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Green Pioneer William McDonough

McDonough's varied worlds overlap this week in San Francisco. On Thursday at Moscone Center, he will give a concluding speech at Greenbuild, a conference with 35,000 attendees hosted by the United States Green Building Council. On Wednesday night, by contrast, he's the subject of a fundraising tribute for his Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institution; [...]

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