William McDonough Featured in Hyperlocalization of Architecture

William McDonough is featured in the new book “Hyperlocalization of Architecture,” by Andrew Michler. A LEED AP BD+C, and Certified Passive House Consultant, Michler challenges designers to take a different approach to ‘ordinary architecture’ by considering environmental factors, local materials and the important role they play.Hyperlocalization of Architecture

William McDonough, Peter Busby, Ramón Fernández-Alonso, Sean Godsell, and Dr. Wolfgang Feist are among the industry influencers featured in the publication.  McDonough’s unique design insight contributed to the narrative of the book: re-localizing contemporary architecture. His work has demonstrated the ability for designers to expand and refine the notion of sustainability in building design

Hyperlocalization is an important initiative that teaches designers that we can learn from the past; how people adapted and established a culture in a particular place.  Michler explains that this deep understanding of culture, is something that has been lost over the last few decades and it is important for our ability to adapt to learn from the past.

Visit Hyperlocalarch.com to learn more about the book and author Andrew Michler.