A Conversation with William McDonough: Endless is More

Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor for the GreenBiz group had a conversation with William McDonough about the Cradle to Cradle Ideals. When asked about the history of design and sustainability, McDonough clarifies that we must design for the next new nutrient-management cycle. “Less is more” are the words frequently used by McDonough to remind us that we can be efficient while still finding elegance, beauty and simplicity within design models.

Makower: Is that what you mean by “designing for what’s next”?

McDonough: Yes. You’re designing an amount of material so that it can be recovered in bulk easily. A key to recycling is concentration and flow.

Makower: So, designers need to think about both the short and long term.

McDonough: This is what I’m talking about — endless is more and we get to celebrate it over and over again and we support multi‑generations of both living things and also material things.These endless designs we are speaking of can provide for a rich range of human needs, wants and loves.

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