MBDC Provides Assessments for Hemp Black’s Platinum Material Health Certificate

MBDC is proud to share our recent collaboration with Hemp Black, which resulted in the hemp technology company receiving a Platinum level Material Health Certificate as part of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program. Hemp Black’s eco6 is produced from the carbonization of hemp and serves as an alternative to traditional petroleum-based carbon black. 

“A Platinum Material Health Certificate is a critical and exciting first step in our goal to reach full Cradle to Cradle product certification, which we are actively pursuing for eco6 and our other technologies” said Michael Savarie, Sustainability Enterprise Catalyst at Hemp Black. “After the completion of our manufacturing facility in Kentucky this April, which itself is targeting a LEED Platinum Certification, Hemp Black will begin working towards full Cradle to Cradle product certification. It is important to us that our entire process is as sustainable as possible with minimal impact.”

Hemp Black/ecooffers a safer, healthier alternative to carbon black to reinforce, color or add conductivity to different product components during the manufacturing phase. The product also embodies the idea of “Carbon Positive” or “Positive Behavior” based on MBDC Co-founder William McDonough’s New Language of Carbon. Their manufacturing processes aid in climate mitigation by sequestering over 1.5 tons of CO2 per ton of hemp harvested to the domestic localization of operations, embracing Cradle to Cradle Design’s commitment to being ‘more good’ rather than ‘less bad.’

“It was wonderful working with the Hemp Black team on this first product assessment. Their eco6 product can safely return to soil or endlessly recirculate in the technical nutrient cycle,” said Victoria Walsh, Environmental Chemist at MBDC. “Typical carbon black is fossil-derived; innovations like this in intermediate materials give manufacturers and designers the chance to develop products which are safe first, then circular. We’re looking forward to working with Hemp Black on full Cradle to Cradle certification”

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