Kira Gould on jury for Inaugural BOLD Awards

The 2015 BOLD Awards will be held in Washington, D.C. on November 18. These awards honor exceptional individuals who lead the charge in enhancing the lives of people and communities while making buildings smarter and more sustainable. Kira Gould, Director of Communications at William McDonough + Partners, will be a juror for the awards program. Scot Horst, Elaine Hsieh, Cliff Majersik, Mark Frankel, Gary Dillabough and Phil Williams will be joining Gould in judging the nominees.

Aquicore, Building Robotics, Enlighted, and View Glass will be accepting nominations for the awards. The inaugural awards will recognize Building Optimizers, Leaders and Disruptors (“BOLD”) who are pushing boundaries and facilitating the adoption of new technologies in the green building industry. The following four categories are the guidelines for how one will be nominated:

  • The Champion – An individual or organization who has embraced early adoption of a specific cutting-edge green building technology or strategy in 2015.
  • The Mentor – Innovative ideas can either be encouraged or discouraged by senior leadership. This award is for a senior leader (or leadership team) whose support for a team’s innovative ideas and programs went above and beyond, fostering new ways to take on existing challenges.
  • The Inventor – An individual or team who created a product or service that transforms the way we interact with buildings.
  • The Unsung Hero – An individual or team who has been instrumental in advocating and shaping policies accelerating the adoption of green buildings, but largely does so behind the scenes.

The judges have been selected for their outstanding advancements in the field to critique on three main points: environmental impact, human impact and innovation.

Nominations will be accepted until October 28.

For event information and updates, follow @TheBoldAwards on Twitter.