Bionic Yarn – Bronze Level Cradle to Cradle Certified

Bionic Yarn has recently been awarded a Cradle to Cradle certification at the BRONZE-Level for its HLX and DPX yarn structures. The assessment work for these unique and and versatile yarns was conduced by MBDC. These yarns enable product designers and brands to achieve a positive step forward in environmental considerations, performance, and quality in both industrial and consumer applications.

  • At least 75% of materials by weight have been assessed.
  • The product’s homogeneous materials do not contain banned list chemicals above permitted thresholds.
  • Products/materials are designed to be recycled or to biodegrade and a pilot project focused on recycling the yarns is on-going.
  • Facility wide water audit has been completed.
  • A renewable energy use and carbon management strategy has been developed.
  • A full social responsibility self-audit has been completed and a positive impact strategy has been developed, if needed.

See Bionic Yarn Certifications here: DPX and HLX