Why Being BPA FREE Isn’t Good Enough

In previous posts I’ve written about why being “BPA FREE” isn’t good enough. Basically what a product IS made from is what counts, not what it’s NOT made from!

BPA Free – Regrettable Substitutions

There’s ample evidence of what are lovingly called “regrettable substitutions” where the replacement material was no better and in some cases actually worse than the original it replaced.

Being “FREE OF” something is a start, but it’s not the whole story

This article in PLOS, talking about BPA alternatives says, “…the new versions seem an awful lot like the original. When one chemical comes under scrutiny, manufacturers often substitute compounds with similar structures to save time and money. But similar structures often cause similar problems. And that’s exactly what the PLOS Genetics authors found.”
This is why you should look for (and ask product makers for) products with the Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) logo – preferably at the Gold level or above. www.C2CInstitute.org keeps a list of certified products.
Better than BPA FREE - Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold
Unless we let manufacturers know we want products made using Cradle to Cradle design principles so they can cycle safely in a sustainable circular economy they won’t know this is important to you.
Help us add to the list – contact companies you buy from and let them know you want to see their “Material Health” score using the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program.